Welcome at Lombok Pool House


We believe in environment-friendly living, even if personally we can only make a small contribution. We strive at reducing the consumption of natural resources as well as keeping damage to soil, water and air at its minimum. Here you can find out more about what we do and how you can help.
We collect glass and plastic bottles for recycling – just drop them at the restaurant if you have any.


  • Free coffee and tea are available at the restaurant starting at 7am until around 3pm.
  • We clean your room including change of towels and sheets every 4 to 5 days depending on the length of your stay. Cleaning takes place between 9am and 2pm.
  • Drinking water and kitchen basics (salt, pepper, cooking oil, dish soap), hand soap and toilet tissue in the bathrooms are for free – just ask if you need refills before room cleaning. We only provide washable kitchen cloths and prefer you use those instead of buying throw-away sponges. We’ll collect and wash them during room cleaning or you can ask for a fresh one whenever you like.
  • Laundry service: IDR 9,000 per kilo (usually returned within 2 days).
  • Here are the prices for scooter rent and transport to various places around Lombok. Just come and talk to us.

Throw your toilet paper and sanitary items in the bin.
Don’t flush them down the toilet!
South Lombok experiences severe droughts between the months of July and November affecting water supply throughout the whole year.

Be conscientious of your water use:
-don’t run the tap unnecessarily
-make sure taps and showers are closed after use

Please do not wash your laundry in the bathroom. 
We are in the middle of a tropical forest, monkeys and ants are our most frequent visitors: keep your food in the fridge, packed in a bag or the provided food containers. 
Should you get invaded by ants anyway, let us know right away and we'll help clean.


Be respectful towards other guests. Friendliness and a smile go a long way!
Parties are not allowed at our place.

Smoking is forbidden in the rooms. You can smoke on your terrace, in the restaurant and garden as long as other guests don’t feel disturbed.

Pool hours from 8am to 9pm.
Pool use is at your own risk. Keep an eye on your children! Our pool is 1.70 metres deep and not suitable for non-swimmers or small children – we can borrow you floaties or a swim ring for them.
Please shower before you use the pool.

Candles, gas cookers or any other kind of open fire are not allowed in the rooms or on the terraces – except the provided gas stoves in the kitchenettes: make sure they are properly turned off when you’ve finished cooking.

Latest check-out is at 11pm. We can store your bags in the meantime if your actual departure is later than that.
At check-out, please don’t forget to pay for all extras you ordered at our homestay (scooter rent, etc.). You can pay cash or by credit/debit card; for the latter an extra 2% surcharge will be added to your bill.

The entrance is video surveilled. Footage is deleted every 24 hours and only stored in case of any incidences.