Environmental Policies

Lombok Pool House Homestay is a privately run accommodation in Kuta, Central Lombok, Indonesia.
We are always committed to providing quality accommodation and services to our guests and at the same time leave behind an environment with sufficient resources to future generations. We believe environmental protection is reducing the consumption of natural resources as well as keeping damage to soil, water and air at its minimum. We strive to limit our consumption of energy, water and production of waste.

  • All our furniture is made by local craftsmen from local materials like wood and bamboo.
  • We …
  • try to minimise the use of waste of any kind and re-use and recycle all waste where possible;
  • switch off all lights and electrical equipment when not in use and only use energy-saving LED light bulbs;
  • seek to buy more environmentally friendly and efficient products, and re-use and recycle where possible;
  • use cleaning products and materials which are as environmentally friendly as possible and make an effort to use the least amount possible;
  • buy locally produced groceries from local suppliers to help reduce our carbon footprint and use local trades people wherever possible;
  • promote environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner, train, educate and inform them about environmental issues within the homestay that may affect their work;
  • will continually develop and monitor environmental performance to help improve and reduce environmental impact.

We ask our guests to:

  • be aware of their shopping behaviour and try not to leave too much plastic waste behind; we provide free drinking water for our guests – please bring a refill bottle;
  • not to litter and to throw rubbish in the bins provided or hand it over to us in the restaurant. Moreover, if you want to make sure your rubbish doesn’t end up in the ocean, bring it back from the beach and throw it in the bin at our homestay; our rubbish is collected and disposed off at a landfill;
  • turn off lights, air conditioning and air fans on their way out;
  • save water: be conservative with fresh water use and make sure all showers and taps are closed after use;
  • don’t throw anything in the toilets (Indonesia does not have central sewage treatment systems).

Please read our eco-travelling tips here.