Our Homestay – a mix of natural and modern materials

We combined traditional wood and bamboo with concrete and brick, so comfort is not compromised for our guests.

All our furniture is custom-made by local craftsman with locally sourced wood and bamboo.

We are always searching for new ideas which will decrease our ecological footprint even more in the future.
Have a look at our environmental policies.

Our roots lie in the jungle of North Sumatra where we offered tourists the opportunity to experience up-close the incredibly stunning nature and wildlife – especially wild-living orangutans – of the Indonesian rainforest.

In 2018 we changed the jungle for the beach and moved to Kuta Lombok to build our own guesthouse.
We hope to give you a unique family experience at our small homestay and will help to make your holiday an unforgettable adventure at the beaches of South Lombok.

Despite leaving the jungle, we have never lost our passion for nature and our concern for its preservation. Here in Lombok at our small guesthouse we continue our efforts to protect the environment and make this place a better one for the locals as well as our guests.

Living in the Sumatran jungle gave us the chance to appreciate one of nature’s richest places on earth; but sadly, also made us see first-hand what environmental pollution causes to nature, the wildlife and inherently to the people.
So here we’d like to give you some tips and encourage you to adopt a few, small changes to your behaviour which will not hamper your holiday pleasures but can surely help the environment.